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Sur Le Fil (SLF for close friends) is a game focused on the discovery of electronics, in an interactive and fun way with 3D cartoon-style animations, in order to make concrete abstract concepts such as the movement of electrons.


From 13 years old. In fact there are several ways of approaching the game: either the player tries to understand everything via the tutorial, or he trusts Prof ‘Fil and is content to make the circuits by seeing what happens in Test / Error mode. There is also an undeniable school audience …


The game will be published as: a main package (the current one) called: Period I.

Entering the industrial age – 19th century, i.e. 1800 with the Volta Pile.

The environment will therefore be based on this period. We will discover the innovations of the time with the explanations of Prof ’Fil and the foolishnes of Kelhann. Kelhann? He’s one of Prof’s students, lazy but active if he chooses. And he will precisely create his imaginary universe or he will make inventions where technology did not allow it at the time. In fact, Kelhann, is you, and you will understand … bringing electricity to prehistoric times via missions that will test your skills … it will be so much fun!


Rebuild Edison’s Bulb, Morse Telegraph, Edison’s Gramophone, Power Generator…. The list is so long… make your people evolve…

Then, other periods will be published and the decor will evolve with them, while respecting the chronology of the discoveries and making you meet the main actors of the time. The electric motor with, for example, the first car to go 100km per hour which bears the sweet name of “Jamais contentente » (“Never Happy”). The first electric generator: the dynamo… and this until the formidable discovery of the transistor, to finish with the processor of our computers, but passing by the basic functioning of the calculator, the storage of data, the Bit, the byte …


But that’s not all, Angelo’Studio will distribute kits of components, materials and tools, in order to create in real life what you will achieve on the game… kits to create for example a lemon battery, a speaker, an electric motor… the list is long but these kits will consist of basic components. The goal is not that you receive complex components already assembled, but raw materials with which you will build everything yourself and above all, understand.

Well yes, otherwise, it’s not funny 😉