On the Wire

“Sur Le Fil” or “On the Wire” (OTW for Friends) is a game focused on the electricity / electronics,
in a fun and interactive way.
The Wire Guy named “Prof’Fil” will give you hundreds of missions, as funny as it is interesting helped by Kelhann , one young Prof’s student.

Free demo of OTW

the demo is not available any more. A lot of modifications have been done in the game and it does not reflect enought what the game will looklike

scheduled date of early access launch: 2022

This game is not yet developed for mobiles and tablets. It works on desktops such as PC, Mac or Linux. If you have trouble getting it working on MacOS Safari, launch the game via Chrome or FireFox

Don’t hesitate to post your feedback or ideas on the forum.

Game preview

jeu electronique

The goal is to have fun while learning electronics

Here you can discover everything from A to Z about electricity. OTW does not require any special knowledge as Prof ’Fil, your in-game mentor, considers that you are starting from scratch.

He will guide you through the creation of your own circuits, and will explain everything at atomic level. He’ll enhance his explanations through funny courses and exciting experiences.

Kelhann, Prof’Fil’s dissipated student

This little character will take you to his graphic imaginary world where he brings electricity to some ancient villages … As you understood, you will play as Kelhann.

If Prof respects the chronology of discoveries to teach and bring you the components, Kelhann doesn’t care since his universe is pure fiction emanating from his imagination

… and that’s the funny part!

électricité sur le fil

Rebuild Edison’s Bulb, Morse’s Telegraph…

The background map will evolve while respecting the chronology of discoveries and will introduce you to the main actors of the time.
The Electric motors, for example, with the first car to go 100km per hour, which bears the sweet name of “Jamais contentente”  (“Never Happy”). The first electric generator: the dynamo … and this until the great discovery of the transistor, and finally to the processor of our computers, through the basic operation of the calculator, data storage, the Bit, the byte …

video presentation