On the Wire

“On The Wire” is a PC game.

The goal of having fun while learning

On The Wire (OTW for friends) is an I.L.E. It is a new concept proposed by AngeloStudio which means: Integrated learning environment.

Various disciplines are covered there such as: Electricity/Electronics, Mechanics, Computer Hardware and software including development, all accompanied by various courses in Mathematics, physical sciences, chemistry and even history.


Game preview

sur le fil jeu interactif et ludique

The goal is to have fun while learning electronics

Here you can discover everything from A to Z about electricity. OTW does not require any special knowledge as Prof ’Fil, your in-game mentor, considers that you are starting from scratch.

He will guide you through the creation of your own circuits, and will explain everything at atomic level. He’ll enhance his explanations through funny courses and exciting experiences.

Mechanics lesson with Kelhan and Grudu

In this level, Grudu is given a saw table, but he doesn’t know how to connect it to the paddle wheel. The player will therefore help him and discover the gears and the connecting rod in order to transform a rotary movement into a translational movement.

sur le fil jeu interactif et ludique
sur le fil jeu interactif et ludique

The player evolves in a University Campus

There are a whole bunch of buildings in the campus, each with different missions or learning. Here, Kelhan and Prof are in front of the school of electricity.

video presentation