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Hi Friends

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Début du sujet

First of all, sorry to have created this section in English late.

In fact, I'm still working a lot on game development and I don't take enough time for communication.

I hope to launch an early access on steam during the middle of the year or the end of the year
I'd rather delay the release than have too many bugs and disappoint players.
There is still a lot to do, I have millions of ideas but for the moment I am alone to do everything
I still have to set up, for example, the building of quantum, physics, history, diplomas and many more
I also have to set up the cave of the "Minis"...a hidden people that the player will have to help by installing lots of electrical, mechanical, electronic things, etc...
In short...much, much more to do
The idea is that if the game takes, I can finally hire developers and designers to assist me and really advance and also improve the existing
See you soon and thank you for your visit.
Feel free to post on this forum
There is also a Discord server but I don't take the time to look there at the moment
And yes, it will also be necessary with people to communicate..


Posté : 25/01/2022 5:20 am